Ragging / Eve-teasing:

Ragging, Eve-teasing and/or aiding and abetting the same in any form, mental or physical, inside or outside the Institute is an offence prohibited by law. Mental and/or physical harassment of any student(s) is an offence. Any student(s) found indulging in any such activity shall forthwith be expelled from the institute, without exception.

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Anti-Ragging Helpline (

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General Rules:

  • Students are required to behave well at all times. Loitering around in the college during lectures, damaging the college property and indulging in physical violence with fellow students will be treated as acts of grave indiscipline.Those who are found guilty of such misconduct will be punished.
  • Students, whose presence in the college is found to be injurious to the maintenance of order and discipline of the college, will be suspended or dismissed depending upon the severity of their misconduct.
  • Students shall keep check of the notice board periodically for announcements regarding class test/special classes and award of scholarships. etc.
  • Smoking, chewing of gutkha, consumption of alcohol, defacing of walls, windows, property of College in the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Students have to possess identity card always and produce the same on demand.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from using mobile phones in the college. If anybody is found doing the same, mobile phone will be confiscated and disciplinary action will be taken against such a student.

Spirit of Nationalism:

The college is making sincere endeavors to inculcate discipline and uphold Indian Tradition / Heritage, by singing the National Anthem every day morning.  It is believed thatsinging of National Anthem instills a sense of “Nationalism”

Dress Code:

Students need to wear uniform on all days of the week i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and other days stipulated by the college authority.